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The entire Northern Cape coastal zone falls within a single district municipality (DM), the Namakwa DM. It is approximately 413 km in length, and stretches over three local municipalities (LMs), namely the Richtersveld, Nama Khoi and Kamiesberg LMs. The coast of Namakwa DM is rich in marine resources and the attributes of the coastal and offshore environments have had a significant impact on the utilisation of the coastal strip, as well as on the ability of the local residents to use these resources for their financial, subsistence and recreational benefits.

The coastal zone is the dynamic interface between the marine and terrestrial environments, and is an extremely diverse, invaluable and complex facet of the broader ecosystem. Coastal ecosystems are unique, and they provide free ecosystem goods and services in the form of, amongst many others, natural resources which sustain livelihoods, mineral resources which contribute to the country's economy, and coastal and ocean conservation and recreation which contribute to an improved quality of life. This unique interface is thus a focal point for human activities and these vary in terms of the diversity of the social, economic and ecological character of the changing coastline. The coastal zone is also generally the desired location for major public infrastructure such as harbours, airports, road and rail networks, as well as being critical from a strategic and military perspective.


To promote integrated marine and coastal management.

Ensure a balance between socio-economic development and the coastal and marine ecology.

Ensuring an effective coastal zone management system through the compliance monitoring and enforcement of all coastal zone permits and regulations.

Ensure effective management of pollution and the impact on the marine and coastal environment.




Ms A. Cloete

Biodiversity Officer: Coastal Management

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