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The purpose of the programme is to provide agricultural engineering support service to farmers for infrastructure and mechanization systems development for sustainable farm production, storage and processing and promotion of sustainable use and management of natural resources.

The programme is structured into four sub-programmes:

Engineering services
Land Use Management
Disaster Risk Management

The strategic objectives of the programme are:

Engineering Services provides engineering support (planning, development, monitoring and evaluation) with regard to irrigation technology, on farm mechanization, value adding, farm structures, resource conservation management, operation and maintenance of farm equipment , machinery, tools and implements solutions.

This programme has the following key deliverables:

Engineering support(survey and design infrastructure) of CASP,llima/Letsema ,Mega Agri-Parks, LandCare projects and soil conservation works.
Finalise the Disaster Contingency plans(Flood) and Veld Fire Plan
Support other programmes in implementation of SPLUMS,AVMP,Mega-Agri Parks and River Basin Catalytic Programme.(Requirements and regulations of CARA)
Support DAFF with protection of agricultural land through guiding subdivision/rezoning/change of agricultural land use recommendations.
Engineering support for on farm mechanization planning for increased agricultural production and product value adding.
To host the 7th Biennial National LandCare conference
Implement LandCare projects(three Veld Care projects and one Soil Care Project)
LandCare promotes sustainable use and management of natural agricultural resources.

Land Use Management promotes the implementation of sustainable use and management of natural agricultural resources through regulated land use (Act 43 of 1993 and Act 70 of 1970)

Disaster Risk Management provides support services to clients with regards to agricultural disaster management



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Title and Name:Mr Leon Terblanch
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