Sustainable Resource Management

The Senior Manager is Mr Leon Terblach tel:071 860 7557

The purpose of the programme is to provide agricultural engineering support service to farmers for infrastructure and mechanization systems development for sustainable farm production,storage and processing and promotion of sustainable use and management of natural resources.

The programme is structured into four sub-programmes:

Engineering services


Land Use Management

Disaster Risk Management

The strategic objectives of the programme are:

Engineering services to support infrastructure development for increased agricultural production and product value adding

Co-ordinate the implementation of the LandCare programme

Promote the implementation of sustatinable use of natural resources through Land use planning,Conservation of Agricultural Resource Act (CARA) (Act 43 1983) and Support services to clients with regards to agricultural disaster risk management.

This programme has the following key deliverables:

Implementation of the Flood Assistance Scheme in the Lower Orange River region

Implementation of the Vaalharts/Taung Revitalization Programme

Co-ordinate the management of agricultural disasters Support to Conditional Grant projects and CRDP sites.

Implementation of LandCare projects

Sustainable Resource Management had to ensure that these key deliverables are in line with key aspects of te National Development Plan,Vision 2030, especially expansion of irrigated agriculture and dry land production by "substantially investing in water resources and irrigation infrastructure".