Technology Research and Development Services

This programme aims to render agricultural research and the development of information systems with regard to agricultural and natural resource utilisation technologies. Through the timely provision of progressive technologies and information with regard to crop production, animal production and resource utilisation, the programme aims to ensure the competitive capacity of its clients.

Research has shown that support services with regard to new technologies is of paramount importance to small and medium-scale farmers in their quest to become successful commercial farmers. Therefore, the focus of research in the Northern Cape Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development is to develop and adapt production technology to satisfy especially the needs of emerging farmers. This programme also strives to strengthen linkages between all role players in order to provide a more efficient service to all farmers.

The programme is structured into 3 sub-programmes with strategic goals and strategic objectives. The programme is headed by a Director, Technology Research and Development, who is responsible for the management of the programme. This position is currently supported by two Deputy Directors responsible for primarily the sub-programmes Animal Production Research and Crop Production Research. This management structure is also responsible for managing the sub-programmes, Resource Utilization Research, Information Services and Infrastructure Support Services.

Sub-Programme of Technology Research and Development are the following:

To conduct, facilitate and co-ordinate agricultural research; to develop/adapt and or transfer appropriate technology to clients and to participate in multi-disciplinary agricultural development projects.

Information Services
To co-ordinate the development and dissemination of information to clients including the development and utilisation of various information systems.

Infrastructure Support Services
To provide and maintain infrastructure facilities for the line function to perform their research and other functions i.e. experiment farms.